Wall Removal for a Better Use of Space


We’ve been working with our client’s in Harpswell to furnish their new home, which is moving along so well! But aside from specifying furniture, we also partner with many of our clients on renovations, which can often include removing walls in order to rework a space to match a layout with client goals. That’s the case in Harpswell! Not only are we selecting furnishings, we are also reworking some unused space.

Opening up this wall from the office into the dining is allowing so much more light to pass through the whole space, including the kitchen. This work was just started last week and it’ll move along quickly! The removal of the wall also allows for a larger dining table with more walkable space by the sliders heading outside to their wrap around porch that offers beautiful views.

If you’re struggling with the functionality of your home or you have unused space that you’d like to work better for you, send us an email at info@huffardhouse!