Built-In Inspiration: Shelving

Custom millwork is a great way to maximize your existing space. Whether it be built-in storage, open shelving or seating - we collaborate with custom millworkers to create classic, functional pieces that utilize every inch of space.

Open shelving is common in our built-in designs as they provide a place to store and showcase our client’s own collections, pictures or memorabilia that really personalize the space.

A few things to keep in mind when planning built-in shelving:


Styling bookshelves, especially a large wall of them, requires planning. Empty shelves feel boring and cluttered shelves are overwhelming to the eye. We like to use a mixture of objects and books in styling bookshelves. Many people will arrange their books based on size but you can also arrange them based on color.


Plan to light your shelves! This truly takes planning because as you’re working with a contractor, you’ll need to make lighting decisions early on, so they can wire accordingly.


You know we love wallpaper! Custom shelving is a great place to add it! If you don’t want something with a print, try grasscloth or keep it simple and go with paint.

With these tips in mind, here are a few things for you to think about:

  1. With any shelving that currently exists in your home, how can you make it better? i.e. lighting, paint, wallpaper, styling your shelves with books and other decor.

  2. Is there a space in your home that would be more effective with custom shelves? Be intentional.