Outdoor Living

It’s time to start dreaming about utilizing your outdoor space! When we’re specifying high end, quality pieces, lead time can be 4-12 weeks to arrive, so it’s always good to start thinking about summer before our yards even look ready.

Outdoor design is one of those times where we continue to think about pairing function, style, and comfort. Your outdoor space, whether it’s multiple decks like this recent delivery in Biddeford Pool (shown below) or patio space beside your pool, should maintain all three of those design elements.

Go take a look outside and begin by asking yourself:

  • what will we use the space for?

  • what storage do we need?

  • what comfort elements are important to us?


An Installation in Progress

We’ve had quite a few deliveries and a recent one included this custom coffee table by DSO Creative Fabrication. The crew at DSO are always such a great team to scheme with and can make anything happen!

This install is a work in progress, but we wanted to share their talent evident in this table! If you look to the photo on the right, you’ll see that the metals are two different colors. The rug is temporary and the one on the way will really show off the color contrast on the coffee table. More chairs are coming too, as well as a wallpaper installation on the fireplace accent wall.

Stay tuned to see an update within a few weeks!

Lighting Install


Lighting installations always make a big difference in a room! This light features two shades that can be independently rotated, creating a playful geometric design, which allows light to be funneled in specific directions. It’s a great choice over a game table, adjacent to a living room.

Delivery Day!

We love delivery day because it’s a fun day for our clients and we’re excited to now be able to share it with you!

This latest delivery was to a condo in Portland that we’ve been working on in pieces. We had 2 major furniture pieces arrive- barstools and a bed for the principal bedroom.

The barstools were unpackaged, each in their own very large box, and then placed at the island. The blue leather is a gorgeous pairing with the backsplash.


We have a closeup photo of the bed, but will share more with you, as we complete the bedroom!